On this page you can download MT4 Forex indicator
that can be attached to the MetaTrader Forex trading platform
to boost your Forex trading performance.

100% Free - Color Stochastic Indicator

How To Use:

Color Stochastic indicator shows overbought and oversold levels.
Stochastic readings above 80 suggest market being overbought, Stoch line turns green;
while readings below 20 - market being oversold, Stoch line turns red.
Ability to see these areas at a glance helps to judge about trends and reversals.
While Stochastic stays above 80 (green line) - an uptrend is in progress.
At the same time a reversal momentum should be anticipated soon. In particular, traders should watch for developing reversal patterns such as:
- failure swing high,
- double top,
- head-and-shoulders pattern.




Color Stochastic (ZIP FILE)


File Opening Instructions:

Please,UnZip downloaded zipped file with WinZip software.
There is the Color Stochastic Indicator. Install downloaded Color Stochastic  indicator use the following steps :

Step By Step installation for MT4
1) Copy/Save the MQ4 file into your C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators folder
2) Close your MetaTrader application (assuming it's currently open ... Ignore this if the application hasn't been launched)
3) Launch your MetaTrader application
4) On the left hand side, look for the "Navigator" window
5) Under the "Common" tab, look into the "Custom Indicators" directory
6) Locate the indicator which you have just downloaded into the folder stated in Step 1
7) Drag (Click and drag) the indicator onto the chart
8) done

*Please note these indicators have been acquired free on the web and were not created by this website.