Auto trading eyes encoder.

Automated Trading - trade on the stock exchange using automated trading system (MTS, advisor). Suffice certain trend in the work on the stock exchange through the Internet. But thanks to the same network is a way to get rich quick, or divorce, the newcomers to the money. All who are just mastering trading on Forex, one way or another begin to download the various advisers (free or for money), put them on their accounts and ... .. inevitably merge their deposits. More often then throws a Forex beginner or at all, or throws automated trading, but they remain strong feeling that they were swindled.


So what is it automated trading? Automated Trading is primarily the work difficult and painstaking. Whether a person has written the system himself or acquired from third-party developer. Work on testing, selection of the best options and tools, to modernize the adviser and, of course, control the operation of the adviser. On what the beginners thinking that have received in the hands the machine tool for printing money burn through.First user MTS should be literate trader. He should focus on the trading terminal and be familiar with at least the technical analysis (which, incidentally, in the dissemination of advisers "forget" to warn).


Auto trading has huge advantages over manual trading:

Trade clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week);

Ability to quickly analyze the situation on the market and make a decision about entering into a transaction, or exit from it.

Lack of emotion, which so strongly interfere with manual trading.


But at the same time, there are automated trading in a very big disadvantage - the system only works as programmed, without paying attention to market volatility, which often leads to disastrous results. In addition, the disadvantages of MTS can be attributed to the presence of exacting quality communication channel, as well as advisers must constantly monitor the market situation and dug their positions.


But it is so to speak digression. Now in order. Foreign exchange trading, I started relatively recently (in June will be a year), but almost immediately realized that handles trading is not for me (greedy man, greedy, and do not like to lose, and wants revenge). After wandering on the forums, downloaded a few advisers, poured several deposits (of course demo). Since then climbed into the code of advisers to understand that there are inside, it was nothing complex (with the programming of friends for a long time ago). Most interesting is that the basis for MQL by MetaQuotes (developer of MetaTrader) taken C + + which I have written quite a while with different utilities to help you in life. In addition, the editor of MQL, coming together with the terminal there is a fairly detailed documentation. What is very pleased, because C + +, many programmers find the most convenient language for programming (it is worth recalling that most software is written in C + +, including most of package operating systems Windows). Besides C + +, and consequently derived from it, languages are intuitive, which facilitates their study. Gradually began to edit someone else's advisers, and then their thoughts to program. Here began the most interesting. Almost all advisers initially seemed "Holy Grail", the test brought fabulous profits, but on the demo accounts over a short period of time poured deposits. What's happening? Why is drained, it would seem profitable advisers? First the obvious answer, incidentally, the most common among the "traders" - this is bad DC does not allow us to earn money, he was "not beneficial" when a trader earns. But time was distracted by this thought. What is the difference DC "earn" me or vice versa, it's a demo account, and accordingly DC did not receive, from my "profits" or "loss". So what should dig deeper. It turned out not deeper, the answer lay on the surface - the market is constantly changing. That is what is most important to exchange - market volatility. Consequently advisers are configured on an uptrend, recombine at descending.


What to do? I want to earn, and advisors do not help. Begin to understand the settings, is even going to the terminal Counselor (Moving Average) can be profitable, but it should be configured.

It is understood the so-called "optimization" adviser, then things got better. There are currently several accounts has several advisors, bringing a relatively small but steady profit. This constant gain is achieved by several key factors:

1.I know how to operate advisers, and that they are waiting.

2.Quality channel (rented virtual server).

3.Full control and optimization of advisers at least 1 time per week (with a significant change in market behavior as appropriate).

4.Additional control of open transactions (specifically not using StopLoss, the decision to close the transaction pursuant to accept their ideas about the alleged movement of the market).

5.On real account Advisor comes only after extensive testing on demo accounts at least a month.

"Forex Never Lose Trade"