Forex indicators and Expert Advisers for the technical analysis of forex market


Forex indicators and forex expert advisors, you generally can find out how they work and the probability of correct tips (help) to analyze the forex market, as well as an idea on how to do the analysis - fundamental and technical.


As you know, to price a particular currency is not in the least affected and the political and economic situation in the country.


And, if politically all the world's leading countries are stable enough (agree, it is difficult to imagine that in the United States or, say in Japan happen coup and come to power like a dictator Pinochet, who one day abruptly change all the foundations of the country), then the economic The situation is changing almost daily.


Here we are not talking about major changes, major shocks in terms of economy or even default. Just a few indicators of the economic situation and the improvement or deterioration of these indicators has a significant impact on price formation in the forex market.


There is a graphic way of economic news and, depending on their results, the fluctuations of prices of forex market can reach significant values. I urge you to drop everything and do only that control the output of such news.


However, this fact itself is worth to remember and to monitor this issue for the complete disregard can lead to serious negative consequences.


Traders who are committed to fundamental analysis of forex market very closely follow the way of news and their results. After all, fundamental analysis is basically consists of predicting price movements based on precisely the economic situation in the countries.


To say categorically that the method of technical analysis of forex market than the method of fundamental analysis, or vice versa simply incorrect and actually impossible. First, these statistics do not exist, and secondly proponents of fundamental analysis does not repudiate the additional verification of its conclusions regarding the price movements using technical analysis tools, which are various indicators and expert advisors.


Indicators, advisors and scripts (for brevity, we call them simply indicators) there is great variety. They are intended for a more objective reporting on the activity of the traders price, as well as to receive signals to enter the market as possible before the information will be displayed on the graph, which is observed visually on the screen. Conditionally technical indicators are divided into moving averages and oscillators.


Trade Terminal in the basic delivery has a lot of technical indicators, however, as evidenced by the practice and experience, they are often clues to profitable operation in the Forex market is not enough. Not everyone like them in so many skilled craftsmen (many thanks for their work, all specifically mention simply unrealistic) modify and add the criteria for assessing indicator of market prices.


In fact, the work of all these indicators is reduced to the same result - the most accurately predict the future behavior of prices. And they differ among themselves only by analysis of this most previous prices.


It may be technically possible to create an indicator that takes into account absolutely everything and gave the result of almost 100% accuracy, but in my life I have never met such indicators.


There is information on the establishment of indicators on the principle of neural networks, ie On a deeper level, but the real positive results from their use of its objective evidence was not found.


Usually the basis is the price movement for some time (in various indicators of this period is different), and performed analysis on several parameters, both time and in absolute value and the result is compared with the values of the maximum, minimum, average prices recorded the activity of traders and many more and many indicators.


As a result, the product of a certain quantity of the indicator is displayed on the graph in a variety of lines, dots and color combinations, and suggest that traders anticipated the movement of prices in the future.


If you are not going to write themselves zero indicators, and for this, at least, childish need some knowledge of programming, the information provided is enough to get a general idea of their purpose and work principles. And, if you summarize, then blindly trust the results of the indicators can not be in any case.


In some trading strategies, they help with greater accuracy, in some less likely. But even without them they can.

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