Forex Indicators and Expert Advisers

In order to successfully trade on the Forex exchange, you must first understand that the price fluctuations that we see as a graph in a terminal window, is not accidental, but are subject to strict laws.


Your job as a trader, these patterns to trace and on their basis to predict where the price moves in the near future.


These issues are solved by the methods of fundamental and technical analysis. And in order to resolve these issues successfully and profit from this work, you must undergo training forex, as well as download forex indicators and expert advisors, which will be used in everyday work.


Anyone who has even once looked at Forex Charts, could observe the chaotic, seemingly without justification, the movement trend. Because of this, most newcomers are trying to play at random and replace the logic of intuition that can only rarely.


Do not forget and ignore the fact that you can use the analysis of the forex market, which can be conventionally designated as a technical or fundamental.


However, we should not think that is enough to buy (available on the Internet, download, write your own), intelligent advisor, or an indicator and it will do the work for you and automatically, and you will only count the profits.


The situation is somewhat more complicated. In a certain moment, when absolutely all the parameters and algorithms of the Adviser will coincide with the calculated values when it is created, it really will give a very accurate signal to the setting of the lot.


But this happens very rarely because the lay of the algorithm of such an adviser or indicator absolutely all the factors that influence the formation of prices at this point is simply unrealistic.


Without the advisers did not. Huge selection, but to make the right choices for themselves - everyone's business.


Forex Expert Advisors - a complex system involving various indicators, recommending that traders start or finish the trade. However, except for this property, many advisors forex can also pursue an independent trade. That is, after some adjustment, these mechanical trading systems are able to do the work instead of man.


Good or bad advisors forex - everyone defines for themselves independently. However, many novice traders sometimes overly attracted to these areas, relying on untested systems of their own deposits.


Single recommendation: that good and bad here, this can not be. Tactics for each independently chooses and, accordingly, under those tactics are needed and a indicator or adviser.


Many traders do not want and do not seek to understand the complexity of building systems and are simply trying to find the indicator of the Holy Grail that will do for them everything, what makes a terrible mistake.


These traders are willing to believe that an ideal indicator will determine all trends, set time of entry, and even signal the exits and turns.


Would not it be great if markets and were really so simple? A popular practice to place trust in one indicator, which produces a series of signals, inevitably doomed to failure because, when the parameters of any of the elements of the system change, the trading system will fail.


Even what abilities, skills and habit as an institutionalized a mandatory rule must possess in order to become a successful trader? This question is asked a lot of newcomers, who began working at Forex and usually do not find the answers.


Let us still give some useful tips and advice that will enable beginners to move slightly in their successful trading on the currency market. This is not the whole list, and many useful habits will come with experience, but from the beginning to accustom himself:

do not try to work immediately with several markets

never use for more than 30 per cent deposit

accustom themselves from the outset as to place stop-loss to limit losses

as it does not sound trite, but a small profit (profit) is much better than a large loss


In addition, you must get rid of the emotions aside and focus only on the analysis, if you will, to some extent be similar to the same computer, trying to figure out all possible situations in the Forex market.


Do not begin to divide the skin not killed bear, persuading themselves of the correctness of the delivered lot and begin counting the profits.


One of the biggest mistakes beginning traders - never display lot after them. This means that when there was a breakdown of the level and began a strong movement of prices, but without your involvement, many novice traders just trying to put lot in the direction of the market.


Do not in any case impossible - to try to catch up with the price movement. This action will be based only on emotions, and in any case not on logic. Well just so happened and did not have time to calculate the situation and set the lot - have to wait until the end of the movement and stabilize prices.


As if in mockery of most options after raising such a lot movement Forex stay and often begin moving back in the direction opposite to the exposed lot. And there will be only to fix the damages.


The result of such action - only about 10 per cent can give a positive result and the remaining 90 percent negative. Is it worth the risk in such situations?


In principle, each decides himself and it is possible that this time you might just get lucky, but the experience of others, and statistics suggest otherwise.


Important is the ability to protect themselves from dizziness after the initial successes. This happens quite often, when not only on the demo account (demo account), but also on a real trading account can make a few profitable trades.


Many beginning traders immediately visited the idea that this is a relatively easy way to earn money, there is a feeling of euphoria, and the thought process starts to decelerate. And further action is more like not to work on the forex market, but on sheer roulette, in which, as you know, winning is impossible.


Instantly arises a desire to play in the Forex market plummet considerably larger, have convinced themselves that the profits will be getting much faster. This violated an inviolable rule of money management - never used in setting lot more than a third of its deposit.


Beginning traders often try to be as 'fit' the market by himself, under his vision and perception, and their method of analysis of the forex market, thus attempting to convince himself (and incidentally to calm) in the correctness of the lot.


Naive simplicity often turns into bitter disappointment as a complete discharge of the deposit (reset his account).


Do not consider an insult, but most people really so arranged: they are lazy, they feel sorry for wasted effort and time and they are always hoping for a happy outcome.


At a time when the market began a strong movement in the opposite direction, and the losses are growing at a rate snowball, many novice traders instead of a swift and dramatic action to close the warrant just waiting and hoping that the current loss-making position will develop, and can not be solved immediately close it .


It is psychologically much easier to keep an open mind, than to admit a wrong decision and accept the loss.


Another mistake, which leads to disastrous results and knocks out a desire to work on the forex market is that most new traders initially tried to put lot (sell or bay - does not matter), and, guessing the result, without any analysis of just trying to repeat its previous actions.


The forex market does not forgive. The text of this page may find unfamiliar words? A brief glossary of terms that you want to learn for the future, can be found on the pages on this site.


Hence the following rule, which is at work on the forex market should be observed strictly: to play only on the amount you can afford to play safely.


I understand that the loss of any amount of positive emotions do not matter, however - the emotions aside and just calm the situation analysis will help you to effectively and profitably in the forex market .


In continuation of the above advice, which absolutely must not be neglected: if morning began 'is not on the right foot' and you're just at this time are not ready to cope with their nerves, then the best solution would be to arrange for a holiday in the Forex market.


Believe me - your money from you not to disappear and not run away. And the possibility to earn will be every other day, when you're ready.


A thoughtless, without the necessary analysis exhibited lot can add a lot of negative emotions, if not more.


And in general, for the success of the forex market to learn how to strictly abide by the constitution of defined set of rules. This is about as in the aviation industry - if someone familiar.


And this set of rules faithfully and unconditionally respected for it is written with the blood of its predecessors. Trifles does not happen. Every action in aircraft maintenance is the logical and mandatory order. And for every action of specific performance of an aircraft mechanic puts his signature.


And this is done not only in order to scare the mechanics, making it an extreme and is responsible for all problems, but more so that, putting his signature, he could once again remember and think about - and whether he committed the directions for action checking a particular node (device, equipment), for which puts his signature.


Something similar is present in the Forex market. I agree, there is much more freedom and less responsibility for each is responsible only for himself, and not for the life of other people.


However, the need to perform certain actions there is the same. Otherwise, you should not even start. In frustration nothing.


These mandatory actions, from my point of view, include the installation of stop-loss. This absolutely confirms the need to say a few before - it's better to lose a minimum of potential losses than to have unplanned turn of the market and see the loss of all the money in your account and complete closure of his account.


Additional comments, which must not be neglected - it is desirable to keep a diary, especially at the initial stage.


There was no question of secret thoughts to earn millions - need fixing only the essentials: the date, time, production lot and the time of its closing, the closing price and the opening of the trading day and the end result.


The accumulation and analysis of such data (indicating their possible mistakes) will give an enormous positive effect in the form of lessons learned. For the most part everything in life goes in a circle, including and prices in the Forex market. Yes, there are exceptions, but the same experience will help to avoid trouble and to predict the behavior of the market.


Everyone wants to work in the Forex market trades, with information on your computer about headlines. Let's talk about it. All beginners should remember that the quotes have two prices: the first - the price of Ask, and the second is the price Bid.


Bid price is the price of the proposal, ie at this price sold the currency, which in a certain currency pair is in the first place.


Finally, the introduction of information a few words about how the process itself is forecasting a possible movement of the currency market Forex, in other words, what to do and what is the work of a successful trader.


Here I want to stress that you read only the introductory information, and if it will interest you, then more questions of the Forex market are considered further in the pages of this site.


We all know that the ball from hitting the floor always rebounds. Similarly, it bounces and when hitting the ceiling. Support and resistance are very similar to the floor and ceiling, between which is sandwiched prices.


Understanding of these lines is very important for proper operation with charts and technical analysis in general.


Precise estimate of their strength helps to make important decisions - to continue the trend in the same direction or turn suddenly back and run with incredible speed.

"Forex Never Lose Trade"