Should you buy Adviser ?

What for to trader "black box", or how much is profitable advisor?


Very often there are ads on the Internet for the sale of profitable traders adviser. According to the seller, a trader who buys it will increase its deposit by 100% in just a month. The proof of this, as a rule, is a beautiful record tester strategies of MetaTrader.


Often, this advisor is invited to a trader in the compiled for MetaTrader form without the source program - the so-called "black box", without the possibility to somehow influence the sale of the adviser.


The cost of such "black box" can reach up to $ 500 and sometimes higher.


Let's see how much you can earn a trader who buys himself a "black box" and put it on real trades. For example, the initial depot is $ 500 (I think that in any Dealing Center can open a depot for trade mini-lots with a shoulder 1:100). Sold trader advisor doubles the depot for the month, ie a month, it will be a $ 1000 more a month - $ 2000. After 6 months, the trader will receive $ 32000! It is not difficult to calculate that within a year depot trader will increase to $ 2048000. Not bad, yes?


Even if the adviser will provide only half of the declared profits (ie 50% per month, instead of 100%), then after a year of 500 stores will grow to $ 64000 $!. Even this - a huge sum. And if you do not start with $ 500 and, for example, with $ 5000 or c 10000 $!?


The question arises - why sell such a lucrative advisor? Why is the seller himself does not sell them? The answer is very simple - there is no profitable advisor is a crook, who give inexperienced traders beautiful test reports on the history of MetaTrader. It was from the sale advisor, and he makes a profit. Most likely, this seller has nothing to do with traders, but simply took all the appropriate advisor and fit it for the story, made a beautiful record with MetaTrader and sells the Holy Grail for traders who are not able to discern a rogue seller.


Never buy such advisers! In such cases, you can always buy a report on the testing history, not adviser, who will be profitable in the future. And the fact that the adviser is no longer profitable, always get the answer that type, the market has changed, that everything changes, that ... blah - blah - blah ...


More plausible seems the test results advisers who bring 100% profit for the year. Let us imagine that the adviser sold will actually double the depot for the year. After investing $ 10,000 now, you become a millionaire in 7 years. How do you think, how much could cost such a system of trade? And anyway, why sell it if you can take $ 10,000 (the cost of domestic car) and turn them into millions? The answer again is obvious this trading system can not generate a profit to traders. Even the seller did not trust their money to this system, then why she should trust you?


Now let's talk about what a trader makes sense to spend money.


Trader makes sense to buy a counselor, the work which, before you buy, you can watch on a demo account, but rather on the realities. For the seller, it is quite easy to do - just open an account and start on it this adviser, and anyone who wants to look at his work give an investor a password that allows you to go in this regard in view mode. Fortunately, that in the terminal MetaTrader have such an opportunity. Any trader, with a sufficiently long testing Adviser will be able to verify it is working and to buy. It seems to me the most honest way of selling advisers. Even if you bought Adviser will not bring the promised trader to profit, then it will not be associated with fraud seller (provided that the adviser will be purchased to make the same deal as located on a demo account advisor to the seller, because he will still be there after the sale to attract other customers?). However, the cost of such adviser would not be less than $ 10000, and perhaps all of $ 100000. Why so expensive? And is it expensive? You see how much it costs a small factory for the production of something, and compare this cost with the profits that the plant can produce per year. And what adviser differs from that plant? Buying a ready advisor, the trader gets ready and debugged business that brings profit, but such a business is big money.


Trader makes sense to buy various indicators or original scripts to simplify trade. In this case, the trader no promises any profit, but it receives additional tools of the Forex market. It is the originality and uniqueness of such tools may increase the deposit trader.


Trader makes sense to book writing advisers have MQL - programmers, because in this case, the trader will receive the embodiment of his advisor mechanical trading system. And will the adviser profit or not - depends on the system, which has laid in her trader.


Trader makes sense to buy different kinds of literature, if it seems useful to him. Even if you bought the book in general, would be useless, some thought or idea of it can still be of interest to the trader.


Trader makes sense to pay for different kinds of courses for traders, if it is a more effective way of learning to trade on Forex than self.


And only one makes no sense for the trader - buy ready made income-Adviser in the tester in MetaTrader stories, no matter how beautiful was the report of the tester.

"Forex Never Lose Trade"