To work or not work with an Expert Advisor on a real account?




1. Advisor monitors foreign exchange quotes 24 hours a day without interruption and with the same care.

2. Advisor has no emotions, no feelings for an open warrant, not a desire to fix the current losses and complete closure of commercial activity, as there are no more forces to monitor the market. He does well, according to the mortgaged algorithm.

3. Advisor earned stability in the region of 5-10% per month from the deposit amount, which averages 60-120% of annual net profit.

4. Advisor in addition to automated trading allows you to open warrants in the manual mode, it is very convenient if you have more confidence in a change in the exchange rate and want to earn some money.

5. One major advantage of the Expert Advisor is that no matter where it was directed movement of the exchange rate (up or down) Advisor in any case will work. The main thing to Recoilless movement of this course was no more than 900 points in any direction (EUR/USD). As soon as the "rollback", Advisor to earn money and further movement of the exchange rate within 900 points, respectively, absolutely safe for your deposit and guaranteed to bring the expected profits.

6. Expert Advisor starts trading in small lots, the size of the initial lot you place yourself, given the size of your deposit. It gives you confidence that he will expose a significant portion of your deposit or the entire deposit into a kind of one side of a single currency pair. Advisor earns on each warrant is not much, but often enough.



1. To work adviser need a stable Internet access 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

2. If you are not thoroughly studied the algorithm Advisor, with whom are working, you just will not know what action the advisor will take your trading account, which may cause you concern.

3. Trading exclusively "hands" you can double your trading account even for the day - is much greater profitability, but can also lose everything.

4. Manual trades is also very significant risk and warrant opening his hands, you take a pledge of free funds, which may be expected Advisor. Therefore, in parallel with the desire to "play with his hands," take care of the additional deposit amount you can afford to lose, besides the deposit, which is required for stable operation of adviser.

5. Negative: if a candle (recoilless movement) of the exchange rate more than 900 points in any direction (EUR/USD), you risk losing part of their deposit, and significant.

6. How likely is directed recoilless movement of more than 900 points - it only you decide.

7. Trade in small-sized orders super profits will not bring, no matter how close their move was not. And the doubling of the trading account for the month you can not count.

"Forex Never Lose Trade"